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Committee Minutes

West Calder Bridge Club
Committee Meeting
West Kirk Hall West Calder
6.30 pm on 5th November 2019

Present:  David Scott (DS), Chris Cosgrove (CC), Frances Sorlie (FS), Scott Prentice (SP)

                Margaret Dunlop (MD).  Apologies: None - Committee all present.

The meeting opened with DS thanking everyone for their attendance.

1. Minutes from WCBC 13th August 2019 approved and apologies from DS for planned meeting of 15th October 2019 being cancelled.

2. Matters Arising :

a) CC has purchased Bidding Boxes (currently in WCBC cupboard). They will be utilised from January 2020.    Action DS

b) Bridge Politeness was again discussed. However the consensus was Club Members (CMs) still discussed games during play and chatted in general.            Action DS

c) Hall Heating appears to be providing members with a comfortable environment and will be continued to be monitored and activated by DS or MD.                      Action MD/DS


3.  Communication to/with :

a) Committee Members;

A discussion on email flow between meetings took place. Decision was to restrict email discussion on topics out with Agenda unless urgent.

b) Committee/AGM Minutes to WCBC Internet Site;

 CC has now implemented a further tab on WCBC site for WCBC Committee Minutes and AGM Minutes. This tab is clicked on in the usual manner and allows Members access to Club information.

A further discussion took place regarding WCBC Internet Site and Bridgewebs Site. SP asked for the difference to be explained. CC explained; the main difference being WCBC Club uses a site designed by CC whereas Bridgewebs is a commercial international site. DS indicated Livingston Bridge Club used Bridgewebs. A further difference is possibly the cost i.e. Bridgewebs being more expensive than WCBC Site. The discussion also highlighted WCBC Site uses HTML programming operated by CC and that other Committee Members are not trained to access the site.  CC offered to give access to HTML.  The Committee decided CC would check into pricing of Bridgewebs. The Committee consider change to Bridgewebs for next season with possible inclusion in AGM Agenda.   Action CC   

c) Club Members’ Data;    

d) CC presented update of Members list. Since a small number of entries are missing, MD to approach these members to ensure they do not wish their data to be held by the club for use by CMs only.                              Action MD

e) Tournament Director(TD)/Scorer (S) and Club Members on Club nights;

The Committee discussed start of play. It was decided TD or S will announce when Members’ Club Numbers can be entered into Bridgemates by N/S pair prior to commencement of play.                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                     Action TD/S

f) TD and S and other Committee Members’ cover for absence;

g) Cover for absence was discussed. The Committee decided that all Club Members with a specific duty or responsibility e.g. TD, S, President, Secretary, Catering, shall arrange cover in advance of any known absence/holiday and inform the President and/or Secretary of who is to undertake their duties and for how long.                           Action All Committee and Support Club Members

4. Christmas Social Evening:

Committee decided the Christmas Social Evening will be held on Tuesday 17th December 2019.  A sheet will be put out on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 and closed on Tuesday 10th December for names to be added for catering purposes. Special prizes will be awarded based on evening’s play. The Committee looks forward to as many members as possible to come along. Action DS/FS/MD

5. AOCB:

The Committee decided that the cancelled McRae Trophy will be contested on a club evening in January 2020.  The Club Teams of Four will be competed for on the first club evening between 12th November and 10th December 2019 when an even number of pairs is present.                 Action DS

6. Next Committee Meeting will be in March 2020, West Kirk Church Hall. Date TBA.

             Action DS   

      7. Committee Meeting closed 7pm.