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Committee Minutes

West Calder Bridge Club
Committee Meeting
West Kirk Hall West Calder
6.30 pm on 14th January 2020

Present:  Chris Cosgrove (CC), Frances Sorlie (FS), Scott Prentice (SP) and Margaret Dunlop (MD).

Apologies: None - Committee all present

The meeting opened with MD thanking everyone for their attendance and explained she had called the meeting due to David Scott’ resignation as President (and TD) due to ill-health.  David had communicated with MD via text and email messages to convey his position.  

 1. President – The vacant WCBC President position/situation was discussed and the Committee agreed that the vacancy would not be filled until the WCBC AGM at the end of April.  MD to advise Club Members.      Action MD

 2. AOCB

 a) Amalgamation with Livingston BC – MD advised Committee that Bob Reid, President of Livingston BC had raised the notion to explore the merging of the two clubs.  The Committee discussed this and agreed to discuss the prospect with Livingston BC Committee. The meeting would look at the advantages and disadvantages.  The outcome is intended to lead to a proposal or rejection of this amalgamation notion.  The timescale proposed by the WCBC Committee is that the result will be presented to members at the April AGM and that WCBC Members will be advised of the discussion A.S.A.P.                      Action MD

 b) Club Events – MD flagged up forth coming bridge calendar events.  The Individual Trophy Competition is calendared for Tuesday 4th February and the Sam Short Trophy on Sunday 16th February.  Attendance Sheets are required for both. The Committee discussed the expression of attendance and cancellations of previous events however the Committee agreed to attempt to run both competitions.  MD to provide attendance sheets A.S.A.P.                      Action MD

 c) Finance – CC presented a mid-session budget.  The Committee discussed this and again noted the hall rental fees will be being increased in February leading to the possible increase in weekly subscriptions.

 d) Weekly Catering of tea and biscuits – FS has again been concerned that the weekly takings from this facility is not realising the amount of tea and biscuits consumed.  The Committee would like to reiterate that the charge is only 20p per cup and biscuit and further cups must be paid for.                          

     3. Committee Meeting closed 6.55pm.


    Livingston Bridge Club/WCBC possible amalgamation .
   Two nights one at each current venue.

   Some points for consideration -


   a) Loss of Club name;
   b) Loss of independence/Autonomy.


  a)  One Committee/Admin/IT sharing expertise;
  b)  Pooled resources including  Bridgewebs & website costs;
  c)  Sunday Competition attendance from larger pool of members;
  d)  Possible reduction in silverware - cost saving in engraving, etc.;
  e)   Possible Club Membership fee reduction;
  f)    Development of Bridgewebs facility e.g. Members seeking a temporary or permanent.  

  g)   Amalgamation would allow a larger pool for Committee duties;
  h)   Amalgamation would address dwindling membership in both clubs and therefore be 

       beneficial to reduce chances of either club closing.